Welcome a special section at KTF, called "The Return".  I was toying with the idea to put a page of Mulder return stories up on KTF when a member of one of discussion lists commented on how there were few Mulder/Scully reunion scenes in fic.  That she (and others) have been having a hard time picturing how Mulder will be returned in season 8 and are afraid of what TPTB are going to do with it come February (myself included).  As a result, a challenge was posed on IWTB.  "Write the perfect reunion or return fic, any rating, any length, however you envision it."  Quite a few people participated and it really boosted my spirits reading all of the different Mulder/Scully reunion scenarios. 

Not only did I want to house the stories from that challenge here, I would like to extend that challenge to anyone who would like to share how they envision Mulder's return.  I will also accept any previous stories you have written, as long as it revolves around Mulder's return from his abduction and/or M&S reunion.  Let's bring our boy home! 

Please note: Material clearly marked with an NC-17 rating is meant for readers 18 years of age and older.  Please adhere to this if you are underage.  The author and webmistress takes no responsibility for those who ignore said warning. 

If you enjoy reading any of these stories, please let the author know by sending them feedback, it takes only a moment of your time and encourages them to continue the craft.  It's real easy to do to, all you need to do is click on the authors name and write. 


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Age Cannot Wither by ML
Rated: PG-13
Category: SA, MSR
Summary: Once upon a time, Scully returned to Bellefleur.
Archive Notes: Be sure to check out ML's sequel called Nor Custom Stale.

All To Time by Squirrel
Rated: G
Category: M POV, MSR, VRA
Summary: Mulder's back.  Much blather ensues.  Nothing really happens of course.

The Anomaly (external link) by Joann Humbly, Aptmt42, Medusa
Rated: R (mostly for language)
Category: XA
Summary: When Mulder's returned by UFO, who's first to the scene? And if it's the wrong person?

Another Gray Morning series (external link) by ML
(scroll down to Another Gray Morning)
Rated: PG
Category: VA, MSR
Summary: Don't be put off by the title. Try it, I think you'll like it.

Beyond This Experience by Agent L
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 
Rated: PG
Category: Sk POV, MSR, SRA
Summary: What if Skinner finds Mulder first?

Changing Seasons by Abra Elliott
Rated: G
Category: V, 3rd POV
Summary: Sundays at the park...
Archive Note:  This is different Mulder return story, but I liked it a lot and I think you will too.

The Circle's End by Shawen A. Greer
Rated: PG, maybe PG-13 for language only
Category: MSR, Angst

Coming Back To You (external link) by Marlen
Rated: PG-13
Category: M POV, MSR, SRA, Mytharc
Summary: Mulder mysteriously appears in a Seattle hospital 10 months after being abducted...

Cunegund's Restoration, or, The Best of All Possible Worlds, Really (external link)
by Livia Balaban
Rated: PG-13 (language and implications of nookie)
Category: S, R, H, A; AU, Scully POV.  HappyEnding!Fic.
Summary: Despite the "hard news" angle taken by his correspondent Christiane Amanpour, CNN Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno finally got to the point and asked the question everybody had been silently asking themselves. "So, Agent Mulder, how did the spacecraft handle?"

Deep Breath (external link) by Kate
Rated: PG for occasional violence.
Category: MSR, Angst
Summary: A post Requiem fic written in September 2000 long before
the 8th season premiered.  Predicts the events surrounding Mulder's return and Scully's baby when there was still a shred of hope that the child was conceived the old fashioned, fun way with M&S doing the naked pretzel. 

Delivery at the Corner of Dupont and Connecticut (external linl) by Rachel Wilder
Rated: PG
Category: V, MSR, babyfic
Summary: Scully's life has turned into a soap opera and it's not getting better now that the baby is on the way.

Eat Me, Drink Me by Maidenjedi
Rated: PG
Category: V, MA, MT
Summary: The waterglass said "Drink Me" and the
mushroom said "Eat Me".

Epiphany (external link) by Amanda Wilde
Rated: S for Squeaky
Category: V, MSR
Summary: Christmas 2001

False Visions by Marlen
Rated: PG
Category: S POV, MSR, VR
Summary: Is he real?

Father and Son by Sara H.
Rated: R (language and sexual situations)
Category: MSR, Returnfic, Krycek/Other
Summary: Mulder and Scully are trying to create a life together as well as continuing their own x-files shortly after the birth of their child...

Firebirds by Alien Girl
Chapter One, Chapter Two
Rated: PG
Category: MSR, Adventure
Summary: Mulder discovers a legend which could change the universe...and starts his journey home to Scully.

First Day Back (external link) by shannono
Rated: NC-17
Category: MSR, H, PWP
Summary: "Welcome back."

Footprints in the Sand (external link) by T-Bishop
Rated: R
Category: MSR, X-File
Summary: This is the sequel to Progenesis
Archivist Notes: Teresa's characterizations were right on target and the situation she creates for Mulder and Scully are not only very believable, but an appropriate ending for the show. 

Fringe (external link) by Michelle Kiefer
Rated: PG
Category: S POV, MSR, VA
Summary: I wonder if Mulder has found someplace warm to sleep, and if he's had a hot supper.  I pray that no one hurts him, and that he has a good coat.
Archivist Notes: Be sure to check out the sequel to this very intriguing story called Hearth and the conclusion called Haven.

Frisson by Kemystre
Rated: PG
Category: V, MSR
Summary: Frisson -- (noun) -- a brief moment of excitement: shudder, thrill -- Merriam Webster Dictionary

Gentle Giant by Ewa
Rated: PG
Category: V, S-Angst, S/Sk Friendship, Returnfic, babyfic
Summary: Scully's POV reflections.

Gifts by Kristel S. Oxley-Johns
Rated: PG-13
Category: S POV, MSR, SR
Summary: Mulder has returned, but he and Scully have some issues to resolve before they can move forward. 
Archive Note:  Be sure to check out the conclution to "Gifts" called "No Such Thing as Happily Ever After."

The Ground Floor by Meliss
Rated: PG
Category: Sk POV, MSR
Summary: What's left that could surprise Skinner, and even make him a little envious?
She also has a conclusion to The Ground Floor called "A Journey To The Top Of Earth"

Guitar Hero by Alicia K
Rated: PG
Category: MSR, VH
Summary: Mulder's been returned, but with a new . . . uh, quirk.

He Walks Down The Road by KatyBlue
Rated: R
Category: MSR, VA

Homecoming by Savagemom
Rated: PG
Category: S, MSR
Spoilers: Requiem
Summary: Mulder's return, and a new arrival.

Homecoming by Vickie Moseley
Rated: PG-13
Category: MSR, A, LGM, Doggett-free
Summary: It's not a post ep, so it must be a 'this is how it should be' story.  A different view of the Lone Gun men upon Mulder's return.

Impossible Choices by Ally
Rated: PG 13 for some adult language/situations.
Category: Story, Angst, MSR, Mythology,
Summary: Mulder is returned.  But at what cost?  When does a choice become an impossibility?

WIP: Journey by Susan Frankovich
Rated: PG
Category: SRA, alternating POV's between M&S
Summary: After Mulder returns from his abduction, he and Scully end up going on a journey they never planned on...

Joyous by Dri
Rated: PG
Category: V, MSR
Summary:  He lives.

Just Doing My Job by Beduini
Rated: PG-13
Category: Sk POV, MSR, VRA

Kodomo Tame Ni by White Star 2
Rated: PG
Category: V, S-Angst
Summary: Months after his abduction, Mulder is finally returned, only to find how much both he and Scully were changed by the ordeal. Will this be the end of their partnership?

A Legacy (external link) by dlynn
Rated: R
Category: MSR, SA
Summary: Through a series of diaries, Mulder and Scully's granddaughter discovers a legacy rich with love and sacrifice. BTW, Mulder and Scully do play a prominent role in this story.

A Life Unfinished by Circe
Rated: PG
Category: MSR, SRA
Summary: A return story.

A Life Well Lived by Muldersangel
Rated: PG
Category: SRA, MSR, M POV
Summary: Mulder is presented with different alternatives to the life he is leading.

Lullaby Voice (external link) by PD
Rated: R
Category: MSR, VR
Summary: It's about food, kindness, murderous intentions and the stages of waiting.

A Man Walks Into A Bar... by Agent L
Rated: PG
Category: D POV, MSR, MT, SRA
Summary: A chance meeting.

Misconception by Christina
Rated: PG
Category: SRA, MSR, M POV
Summary: Caught by surprise, Mulder reacts badly to Scully's news. Will he alienate her?

Missing the Gaze by mercury_999
Rated: R
Category: VA, MSR
Summary: Scully struggles against the reality she's facing, with hope that things really aren't as they seem.

More Than This (external link) by SpookyChick
Rated: NC-17 for language and a little sex.
Category: Reunion. Mytharc. MSR. K/Marita. Angst/Character Death (sort of). Mulder POV. Pre-colonization.
Summary: My attempt to sort out the muddled canon, addressing as many of the show's major myth-arc plotlines as possible, through DeadAlive. Quite a challenge to make sense of it, stick to the canon, and keep it firmly pro-Mulder.

My Father's Eyes by Elizabeth L. Iacono
Rated: PG
Category: SA
Spoilers: Pilot, Requiem
Summary: There are a lot of things Drew Skinner doesn't know about his family.  He's about to find one of them out.  This is the sequel to 'My Father's Son'

My Favorite Day by Mish
Rated: PG
Category: MSR, Buddyfic
Summary: What's a Buddy to do when his Dad won't listen to him?
Authors notes: This is a sequel to "My Favorite Word."

My Favorite Word by Mish
Rated: PG-13
Category: MSR, SA
Summary: A connection is made, an awakening realized.

Mulder In The Islands (external linl) by Rachel Wilder
Rated: PG-13
Category: VH
Summary: Mulder takes the money and runs...somewhere warm.

Never To Part Again by DeathStryke
Rated: PG-13
Category: MSR, V

Nightmares I & II, Nightmares III & IV, Nightmares V & VI (external links) by CindyET
Rated: Strong R (Language, Violence, Adult Situations)
Category: Series of Vignettes
Summary: The Navajo code-talker words for "Secret" and "Exchange" are "Bah-has-tkih" and "Alh-nahl-yah" -- and might easily be the basis for two nightmares. After all, some experiences are so unbearable, one can only pray they are no more than bad dreams.

A Normal Life by Agent Diana Fowley
Rated: R
Category: MSR, Post-ep, S/D friendship
Summary: Doggett and Mulder's POV of Mulder's return.

Once Upon A Prayer by Deanna Dilbeck
Rated: G
Category: VRA, MSR
Summary: This is my contribution to the reunion challenge.

Only Just Begun by Lisa Cole
Rated: PG-13
Category: V, A, post-episode for Requium
Summary: Mulder is back. Need I say more?

Perchance to Dream by Foxsong
Rated: PG
Category: V, returnfic
Summary: An interlude, and a homecoming.

Pilgrimage by Agent L
Rated: PG
Category: MSR, SRA
Summary: Pilgrimage: A journey to a shrine or sacred place.
(conclusion to A Man Walks Into A Bar...)

Pitter-Pat by Maggie
Rated: G
Category: V, S-Angst

The Power of Standing Still (external link) by Leslie Sholly
Rated PG-13
Category: SRA, MSR
Summary: Mulder learns to stay still.

Progenesis (external link) by T-Bishop
Rated: PG-13
Category: MSR, X-File
Summary: The eighth season baby mytharc explained.
Archivist Notes: This is a prequel to Footprints in the Sand.

Re Vivus Facere (external link) by CindyET
Rated: PG (Language, Violence)
Category: X, Mytharc
Summary: After Mulder disappears in Bellefleur, Scully and Skinner join forces to find him. They discover startling evidence in a lab in Reston, Connecticut, leading them to answers they never expected. Finally everything is revealed: Mulder's whereabouts, the fate of Scully's baby and the purpose of the Faceless Rebels.

COMPLETED: Regrets and Resolutions by Paige Caldwell
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
Rated: NC-17
Category: MSR, Mytharc
Summary: "What good are New Year's resolutions if you don't understand the truth behind your regrets?"

Rescue Mission Series (external links) by Lara Means
Rated: PG to PG-13
Category: MSR, VRA
Summary: Short vignettes regarding Mulder's return from various POV's.

A Return by Angela Tircuit 
Rated: PG
Category: VA
Summary: Mulder's back...I had to get in on the action.

The Return Iexternal link) by Rachel Wilder
Rated: R
Category: MSR, VRA
Summary: After Mulder's return it takes a while for things to get back to normal.

A Returning by Char Chaffin
Rated: R
Category: MSR, VR
Summary: The way I want to see it...

Reunion by Jenna Tooms
Rated: PG
Category: VA
Summary: Mulder comes home.

Reunited by Soleil Compeau
Rated: R
Category: V, MSR
Spoilers: This fic is set late in Season 8, after Mulder's return, and therefore contains major spoilers.
Summary: What was the gift she was opening when the pizza came?

Sieg Und Verlust (external link) by CindyET
Rated: NC-17 (Language, Violence, Sexual Content)
Category: X, MSR, Mytharc, Character Death
Summary: The Apocalypse is at hand and G-Men Mulder, Skinner and Doggett bust their asses to fight for the future of mankind. They face life and death, good and evil, courageous heroes and dastardly villains. Redolent with testosterone, the language is harsh and the men are manly. And of course, there is a damsel in distress.
Archivist Note: The vignette "So This Is Agent Mulder" (from which this epic sprang) is included at the beginning.

Something Tangible (external link) by Rachel Woods
Rated: PG
Category: V, MSR
Summary: The return of Mulder.

There by Susan Frankovich
Rated: G
Category: VA
Summary: You know you want to.  You know you need to.

Tidings (external link) by Ambress
Rated: R
Category: MSR, VA
Summary: lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub

Treffen by Frogdoggie
Rated: PG-13
Category: MSR, VRA, M/SK/SC friendship. SK/SC UST, LGM
Summary: Mulder and Scully reunion fic, frogdoggie style. Skinner POV. Some angst.
Character death, but not Mulder, Scully, Skinner or the LGM.

U-Turn by January
Rated: PG-13
Category: VA, UST, S POV
Summary: What are we, but our memories?

Untitled by T. Garrison
Rated: G
Category: Sk POV, MSR, V
Summary:  He's back!

Ut Filium Suum Unigenitum by FredaX
Rated: PG-13, for language
Category: Slight MSR. . .Angst. . .primarily a Casefile. The search is on, or so they say. *g*
Summary: At what cost *would* Scully want Mulder returned to her?
Archivist Note: FredaX now has a sequel to this story called "Reacclimating the Fox."

Watching Him by Sister Moon
Rated: G, and DF (Doggett Free).  Safe for shippers and noromos alike.
Category: V, MSR
Summary: A vignette inspired by a painting--Hesiod Listening to the Inspiration of the Muse by Edmond Aman-Jean, and by the *heinous* Episode 15 spoilers I read a few days ago (there is NO Muldertorture in this story, though)

The Widow And The Orphan by CindyET
Rated: PG
Category: S, ReturnFic, DivergentPlotFic,
Spoilers: Everything through "This Is Not Happening."
Summary: You'llNeverSeeThisFromCCFic, call it what you want. The gist is this: Mulder returns. Danger follows. He needs a place to hide. We learn lots of stuff CC has neglected to mention. 

With Arms Wide Open by Paige Caldwell
Rated: R
Category: MSR, Mytharc
Summary: Mulder and Scully have created life.  But, is it, as the Bounty Hunter suggests, made of human clay?

With Me Always (external link) by Rachel Wilder
Rated: PG
Category: MSR, VRA
Summary: Scully finds Mulder, but discovers that he was never really gone.

With This Tear by Mercury_999
Rated: PG
Category: VA
Summary: Scully gets a call during the night.

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