It seems as if a lot of Philes have become disenchanted with season eight.  To them, the show has become a place of frustration, not inspiration.  They are not happy with how the characters are being portrayed and wonder why they bother to watch anymore or have already stopped.  

I admit that even I was annoyed on what TPTB were doing to the characters and wanted to stop watching as well.  However, being as addicted to The X-Files as I am, I just can't do that.  I knew there had to be a reason for Scully's behavior in "Patience" and found myself wanting to rationalize it by writing a post-ep.  It was cathartic getting my frustrations out by writing and as a result, I got some great feedback, but one letter in particular struck me.  The reader had stated that she was losing faith in the show and that my story gave her a reason to continue watching.  She had what many of us are sorely lacking these days -- faith to hang in there.  I was truly shocked that one little vignette could have the power to do that.  That example proves my point on how vital fanfic is.

The purpose behind Keep The Faith is simple.  I want to provide an archive of stories that go a bit further, explore characters a bit deeper than what we have seen on the show in hopes that readers, writers, and viewers will want to continue their faith in the X-Files. 

I'm not ready to give up yet.  Hopefully, neither are you!

Your faithful webmistress,

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