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General X-File Info

The Haven

Kristine's X-Files Page

The X-Files Official Website

Hiding in the Light's X-Files Madness

Rentons Domain - The X-Files - News

Gertie's 'Shipper Friendly X-Files

X-Files Fans - The Mining Co.

ROAD Runners - The Ultimate Guide to the X-Files

Escape to Insanity

Gillian Anderson

The Gillian Anderson Website


gillian, inc.

Just Gilly

David Duchovny

Duchovny much more than Mulder

Mr. Duchovny

David Duchovny News Planet

A Tribute to David Duchovny

Digital Duchovny

Chimerical Publications

GA and DD

Gillian & David: The Archives

Kris The X-Files

All About The X-Files, Gillian and David

The Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny Canadian Website

Mitch Pileggi

Office of the Assistant Director

BRAWS= Broad Reform Advocates for Walter Skinner

Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade

The Bitche's Gallery of Mitch

Skinnerholics Anonymous

Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea unOfficial Homepage

Nicholas Lea Unplugged

Nicholas Lea Shrine

The Lair of the Rat

Robert Patrick

Addicted to Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick Online

The Robert Patrick Page

Robert Patrick Online

Annabeth Gish

All Annabeth

Monica Reyes Communication

annabeth anomalous

simply annabeth

Fanfic Archives

Gossamer Project


Xemplary: X-Files Fan Fiction


The Annex - Novel Archive

Haven's Fanfic Archive

The 2001 Spooky Awards

Prometheus 1013

Gertie's Romantic/Angst X-Files FanFic Archive

Whispers of X

I Made This Productions

The X-Files Archives

Classic X

The Charlie Scully Fanfic Archive

Legacy: The Shipper's Fanfic Archive

The Billy Scully Fanfic Archive


Archive X- XF Slash


Plop - X-Files Humor Archive

Jeopardy Mulder in Peril

Shippers Who Like Doggett Fic Archive

Down in the Basement: The X-Files Slash Archive

Skinnerista X

Skinner/Krycek Slash Archive

The X-Files Most Unwanted

Meaning of the Term


Phantasy Files

BVD Brigade

Chemical Reaction -- SkinDog fic

The Family Files

Alternate Season 8

OPENrEYES - Reyes fanfic

The X-Fies Romantics Archive - MSR

Strange Realities, the X-Files Alternate Universe Archive

The Angest All Around Archive

A New Light

Batter Up!  Baseball, X-Files Style

League of 'bations

Kroner, KS -- Population: SHIPPERS!

Wet Fic

Under the Covers - an X-Files Fanfiction Archive

The Haunted House Archive

The Holiday Archive

Frohike Liberation Organization

Greasy Spoon

Look into my heart fanfic archive



The Map Room

After the Fact

The Vision - DRR archive

Fanfic Rec Sites

Lara's Favorite Recommendations

IOHO - In Our Humble Opinion...

Primal Screamers Fanfic Primer

A Quiet Place To Read

Visions of Truth

The Naked Eye

Hiraeth Archive

The Lyrical Side of the X-Files


Enigmatic Dr's Fanfiction Favorites

The In-Box  Doggett Fic Recommendations

The BVD Brigade - All Skinner all the time

Just Duckies

The Borderlands of the Yeti

The Green Iguana

Writer Resources

Deep Background

X-Files Underground

The I in FBI: Forensics/Police Procedural Resources

Working Stiffs - A Resource for X-Files Fan Fiction Writers

Ophelia's Fanfic Writing Guide

Inkspot: Writing Resource, Writers' Community

Beta Readers Circle

Mentors in X

Let's Talk About Smut, Baby...

Full Of It - An Information Resource For Writers

X-Files Art

E's X-Page

The Kimpart X-Perience

Mulder&Scully Art Gallery

Ally's X-Files Mosaic

The X-Ville Art Gallery

Art in the Key of X

XF-Mind's Eye

The Federal Bureau of Imagination

Imaginarium - X-Files Artwork

The Artchives

the neXus


Picture This - fanfic postcards

Picturesque [X-Files Art Gallery]

At Times ... I Almost Dream

Tere's X-Files Art

Under the Sky

the whole damn apple

Multimedia and more...

Rohan's X-Files Realm

Rhythm of the Heart

The X-Files Shrine

Andy's X-Files Page

Welcome to Site No. X

The X Net

vered-g's X-Files' Picture Gallery

Mush Productions

Requiem for a Friend


X-Files Expressions by Libertybelle79

Shakerbaker's X-Files Music Videos  

All Thingx

::white noise:: The music of the X-Files

The Lone Gunmen

The Wearhouse - Tv Tome Lone Gunmen Archives :: home of dean haglund

The Lone Gunmen Archives

The Lone Gunmen Timeline

Counter Measures - LGM Fanfiction Archive

Other sites not to miss

In Their Own Words: The XF Fanfic Author Interview Project

ChronicleX Lite

Starbuck's Cafe

unInvited....X-Files and More

Church of X

Tossed and Found

The X-Files Timeline

The X-Files Lost and Found

The Underpants Archive

Inside the X  - The X-Files Transcript Archive

X-Files Message Boards

Official Site Boards

The Gillian Anderson Message Board

SueBee's X-Files Fanfic Board

Shippers - in eXile -

Reflections Message Board

Xemplary Discussion Boards

X-Philes World

The X-Files International

The X-Files & Millennium Banner Exchange

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